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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service | Burbank CA

As popcorn ceiling experts, we guarantee the efficient removal of the texture. Once popcorn was the number one preferred texture for ceilings but today there is a plethora of choices among coatings and textures. People became suspicious regarding their health when it became known that asbestos was contained in some popcorn textures. If you preferred popcorn for its ability to hide imperfections, certainly our drywall repair specialists repair any imperfection on the drywall. Our notable contractors at Drywall Repair Burbank have tremendous experience and are accomplished at all ceiling repairs. So, it's wise to rely on our full acoustic ceiling removal service, enjoy greater health, and aesthetic results.

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When we remove popcorn, any imperfection on the drywall is efficiently repaired. We deal with any problem related to your ceiling at once and before applying the new layers of coatings. Of course, the diligent technicians are available to offer ceiling repairs and patching even if you don't remove the popcorn texture. If there are big holes, tiny cracks, imperfections at the corners, sagging joists and anything wrong with the ceiling, count on the expertise of our distinguished technicians the same way you rely on our ability to paint the ceiling once the popcorn texture is removed.

We promise great services thanks to our steadfast efficiency and knowledge, implementation of top quality materials and coatings, and our vast experience in order to satisfy both your practical and aesthetic needs. It is our aim to that you will be more than pleased. As trained professionals, we are particularly careful as we scratch the surface of the texture and cover the whole place with plastic bags to prevent dust from traveling around the house. The professional popcorn removal specialists are not only exceptional but courteous and caring technicians, who wish to do the job properly and meet all your expectations. Do you need popcorn ceiling removal? Call our company now.


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