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Outdoor Furniture

Patio Furniture Custom-Built

From deck chairs to tabletops to patio kitchens – choose outdoor furniture in a variety of looks and styles. To start, simply book a free estimate.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Cost In Burbank

An empty patio can feel like a waste of space. A few pieces of well-chosen, cheap outdoor furniture are all it takes to turn a boring filler space into a functional extra room. Custom patio furniture sets, outdoor lounge chairs, and tabletops are easy to arrange for the Burbank area. You can talk to our local remodeling contractors to see what sorts of outdoor furniture we can custom build for decks, pool areas, and brick patios. Our professionals know how to build entire patio kitchen sets, as well as benches and tabletops. The type of patio furniture you should consider depends on what you want out of your outdoor lounge. And there are lots of choices!

Cheap Outdoor Patio Tabletops

Patio dining sets are some of the most popular choices in outdoor furniture. All you need is an outdoor table and a couple of chairs, and you have the basics. A more advanced patio dining set might also include a fire pit table, some outdoor side tables for extra seating room, or bars with stools. If that sounds too extravagant or bulky, you can make a parlor or tea room set using just a few pieces of small patio furniture. Even just a couple of benches along the sides gives you a place to read, sunbathe, or sit and talk with friends and family. Sometimes, all you need is a very small patio table and chairs in one corner of the porch to make all the difference! Our Burbank patio furniture builders can accommodate tabletops to your needs. We can also include built-in seating arrangements, as well as patio cabinets, and more.

Outdoor Furniture For Burbank Yards And Lawns

Bigger, more open spaces are also good places for furnishing. Outdoor lounge chairs, for instance, are great for any large deck or lawn, and extra handy if you have a swimming pool. Bigger outdoor tables, like a picnic table and bench setups, are arguably better than a patio dining set when the weather is right. The trick with uncovered furniture, of course, is protecting it from the weather. Depending on the material they’re made from, outdoor lounge chairs and similar can fold up and be moved, or just stand up to the elements. If you want something built in place, our outdoor furniture builders can use hardier components or add some other landscaping features to protect it.

Custom-built Patio Furniture Sets

You can’t always find the patio furniture you want for sale through a storefront. If you want a matching patio dining set, for instance, it can be hard to put it together piecemeal. Size and bulk are also an issue. Small patio furniture of the kind and style you want might not be easy to find, and if you don’t have much space that can get frustrating. Fortunately, there are outdoor furniture builders near you who are happy to custom-craft your choice of items in any style, size, and material. Looking for something light that you can provide good cover for? Wicker patio furniture sets might be what you need. Want something sturdy, but not too big? Our custom small patio furniture sets can complement the existing look of your Burbank patio or pool deck. This includes stone tabletops and cushioned steel or hardwood stools.

Talk To Outdoor Furniture Builders Near You

Get the chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture you want for your pool deck, patio, or other outdoor lounge areas. You can upgrade your exterior spaces with the addition of high quality, and cheap, patio furniture from wood, stone, and many other materials. We look forward to hearing from you. Call and book an appointment for a free estimate on outdoor furniture for your Burbank patio.


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